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Joint Venture Letters

[AddTag tag=”Joint Venture Letters”]Want to dramatically increase your business this year? Start partnering with like-minded businesses! These letters have been pre-written to open conversations with potential business partners with offers that should, at very least, pique their curiosity.

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  1. Endorsement Letter, Version 1
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  2. Endorsement Letter, Version 2
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  3. Endorsement Letter, Version 3
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  4. Create Qualified Leads, Letter 3
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  5. Joint Venture Proposal, Letter 1
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  6. Joint Venture Proposal, Letter 2
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The Power of Endorsements and Joint Ventures

Using endorsements is one of our absolute favorite marketing strategies. You’re playing off the assets of another company that has already spent an enormous amount of time and money gaining their clients’ trust and goodwill.

Here are a few examples of partnerships to get you thinking:

  • A carpet cleaner could joint venture with a carpet retailer.
  • A car detailer could joint venture with a car dealership.
  • A veterinarian with a pet store.
  • A health spa with a naturopath.
  • A nail salon with a hair salon.
  • A real estate agent with an interior designer.
  • A home improvement company with a pool builder.
  • A travel agent with a retail clothing store.
  • A cosmetic surgeon with a cosmetic dentist.
  • A business consultant with an office supply store.
  • A bakery with a bridal consultant.
  • A CPA with a doctor.
  • A florist with a mortician.

Look for businesses who supply products and services that complement what YOU offer!

And then – offer to do *all* the work of making the promotion happen! If you make it easy, the partnership becomes an irresistible opportunity for them.

Especially if you emphasize they’ll have editorial control and that you’ll pay for postage and printing, too.

When negotiating the deal, you can offer payment in the form of:

  1. A freebie to their clients that creates goodwill for THEIR business
  2. A contribution to their favorite charity
  3. Cash payment for rental of their list (think $25 to $100 per 1000 names)
  4. A reciprocal promotion to YOUR in-house list
  5. Free services from your business

… And as you negotiate this deal, don’t get too focused on the first-time sale!

Remember that once you’ve captured the names of leads and customers generated by this promotion, you’ll have the opportunity to follow up and win backend sales.