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Gold Bonus #1 - The long forgotten sales letter writing resource called "How To Write Letters That Win" (absolutely priceless and nearly impossible to find).

I uncovered this practically unknown and very rare manuscript while going through all kinds of old advertising and marketing books from the early 1900's (when people realized advertising's only function was to sell). Inside I was greeted to sales letter secrets that have long since been forgotten (or perhaps never known in the first place).

In fact, I think the subtitle for this book really says it all: "How to build business letters that command attention, stir desire, bring orders - how to put the personal touch into a letter - handling inquires, complaints and collections - actual letters that have brought results. 247 vital pointers gathered from 1200 actual letters"

Imagine 1,200 letters analyzed and dissected for you. This manuscript is the result of that incredible effort. I just sent a copy to a few marketing colleagues and they were astounded by the material revealed here - take a look at what you'll discover:

  • 22 entire sales letters analyzed and dissected for you.
  • The real secret to getting more people to respond to your letters.
  • 6 Essential elements every successful sales letter needs. (Are you using all of these?)
  • How to start a letter with attention, arouse interest, hold interest, create desire using argument, and finally, how to create a 'clincher' to produce immediate results!
  • Where to introduce the 'you' element into your sales letters and much more…

Gold Bonus #2 - 667 Business Letters, Forms and Agreements. (Sold elsewhere for $65.00 or more.)

We've just acquired the rights to a complete library of business letters and forms! Everything from announcement letters to joint venture agreements. From contracts to service agreements. You'll find these letters, forms and agreements absolutely indispensable if you're starting a business or if you've been in business for years. Never be stumped again whenever you need to compose that perfect letter or document.

Make creating business letters and forms quick, easy and painless with this collection of 667 business letters, forms and agreements.

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