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When people click on this link then buy the product, you will be automatically credited with the sale. Right now our tracking system is set for a full 10 years. That means if someone visits from your link but doesn't buy until their next visit, you still get credit for the sale!

You will be happy to know that our conversion rates from qualified prospects are extremely high!

You can check your stats anytime here: https://undergroundx.infusionsoft.com/Affiliate/ And you'll be happy to know our conversion rate from qualified prospects is extremely high!

But remember, you can always check your stats in real time by going to:

Once there, simply enter in your affiliate ID# and your user password (this is the password you set). Don't forget to bookmark this URL so you can always find out how you're doing with the program. Click on any of the links below for tools you can use right away!

Headlines Tools

You can place these little ads in lots of places. On your website as a text link on your site, thank you pages, etc. Use an ezine ad, a resource box or even a sig file, etc. We'll cover all of these options and more in just a bit. For now, here are the different headlines you can try:

Stop writing sales letters and emails the hard way!

In just 2 ½ minutes your company's next sales letter or promotional website is ready!

Create your own winning sales letter or email in less than 3 minutes -- or your money back

How to create powerful, moneymaking sales letters, emails and websites for your business in just 2 ½ minutes…without writing!

How to create powerful, profit-producing sales letters for your business in just 2 ½ minutes….without writing!

Killer sales letters in just minutes...without writing!

Create instant sales letters in just minutes...without writing.

New, simple fill-in-the-blank templates make writing any sales letter a breeze.

At Last! Every sales letter, web template or email your business needs is already written for you!

Introducing the only 2 ½ minute sales letter.

One powerful sales letter can make your business a fortune. Find out how to create you own…without writing.

What is one good sales letter or email worth to your business?

Looking for a quick and easy way to grow your business? Just fill in the blanks of any of these new Instant Sales Letter templates…and presto!

Looking for a way to increase your business? Just fill in a few blanks and presto… You've got a powerful, moneymaking sales letter or website!

How to create a flood of new prospects, additional business from existing customers, increased referrals and a surge of profits using these powerful, fill-in-the-blank Instant Sales Letter & Website templates.

Imagine creating a powerful, moneymaking sales letter or website for your business in just 2 ½ minutes…without writing!

Instant Sales Letters For Almost Any Business!

The Ultimate Marketing Tool

Even if you can't write and don't think you have a creative bone in your body you can create powerful, money-making sales letters for your business — just by filling in a few blanks…100% Guaranteed!

How to quickly and easily create sales letters, emails and websites guaranteed to sell your product or service…without writing!

Fill-in-the-blank Sales Letter & Website templates that turn ordinary companies into booming businesses!

New Fill-in-the-blank Sales Letter & Website Templates that turn ordinary companies into wealth-building machines!

Grow your business in 2 ½ minutes — flat!

Which of these instant sales letter templates could you use to grow your business?

How to get an expert copywriter to create a whole arsenal of winning sales letters for your company

Now available at your fingertips — an entire arsenal of powerful, moneymaking fill-in-the-blank sales letters, emails & website templates guaranteed to sell your product or service…

Want more new customers? Looking to increase sales? Create referrals? Click here for the answer.

<A HREF="https://undergroundx.infusionsoft.com/go/isl/AFF_ID/">
For example:
<A HREF="https://undergroundx.infusionsoft.com/go/isl/AFF_ID/"> Want more new customers? Looking to increase sales? Create referrals? Click here for the answer </A>

Add any text you want (the headlines) you simply copy and paste. Anything you write in between the tag beginning and ending will be underlined and become a hypertext link.

Text links have been proven to be much, much more effective than just banners!

Another proven way to increase your clickthroughs is to give a personal recommendation about the product. Tell the truth and explain how the Instant Sales Letter templates have helped you or your business.

Don't forget you can have several of these mini headline ads hitting prospects' different "hot buttons" on your site.

Email Swipe File

The easiest and fastest way to create an immediate cash surge is to send an email to your *opt-in* email list. (I'm not talking about spam!) This is an email list of people subscribed to your ezine (email newsletter), people who requested updates from you and people who have given you *permission* to email them.

You cannot just send out the following email to millions of people on the Internet. If you have a doubt in your mind about whether or not you should send out an email — our suggestion is DON'T!!

Remember if we even get one complaint of spamming you will be terminated from the Affiliate program and your commissions forfeited.

Just put your unique affiliate url where it says in the link below. So when people click on this link and they buy — you'll be credited with the sale. Feel free to change this email to suit your needs — but it works 'as is' quite well.



Another super way to promote your program is using valuable content already written for you. People access the Internet because they're looking for useful information and you can help provide them with excellent content on your website.

Below are the newest articles you can use to promote just about any one of our products. You can use the articles on your website, in your ezines, etc. However, there are a few reasonable guidelines that must be followed.

  1. You cannot alter the articles in anyway (except the resource box at the end of the article which I'll explain to you in a moment how it will benefit you).
  2. You cannot claim yourself as the author.
  3. You cannot claim copyrights.
  4. You cannot post, contribute or distribute the article(s) to any other ezines, newsletters, websites, publications, etc. aside from your own.

Each article is written is help educate people about marketing (online and offline), advertising and success. These are very useful articles and you'll find people will be excited about the ideas in them.

Now, in order to promote your program you'll need to change the resource box at the end of each article.

Here's an example of a current resource box:

Yanik Silver is recognized as the leading expert on impactful
entrepreneurship through business success, giving and lifestyle.

He is the author, co-author or creator of several best-
selling marketing books and tools, including his
simple fill-in-the-blank templates for any business:

You have my permission to change the URL at the bottom to your unique affiliate ID# URL. So in this case you'd make the link

Articles are a super powerful way to promote your program — so take advantage of these ready-to-use tools to increase your commissions.





Other Overlooked Ways
To Promote Your Program

Using Your Signature
Your email signature is a powerful way to promote your program. In almost every email program you have the ability to append an automatic signature (or "sig file") to your outgoing emails.

Just search in the 'help' file of your program under "signature" and there should be clear directions how to create one.

You can use almost any of the headlines I've given along with your affiliate url.

Posting To Discussion Groups
Discussion groups or forums are spots where people can post questions, answers and comments on different topics related to that group's interest. However, this is not a place for blatant ads!!! Doing so will result in lots of trouble for you and me.

One good way to promote your program is to look for posts with questions and provide useful advice. Then you can put your link and a simple headline promoting your program. This is an accepted form of advertising. But, that's it!

Before you consider posting you should read lots of posts to get a 'feel' for how the messages are responded to.

Blatant commercial messages or Spamming any board will get you kicked out of the affiliate program and you'll forfeit your commissions. So please do not do it!

Creating A Redirection Page
For Your Affiliate URL

This is a little more advanced technique — but one that is very, very effective. Instead of using your longer affiliate URL you can create a simple redirect page on your website. Here's how to do this:

You'll create a subdirectory at your site like www.yoursite.com/letters/ (if you don't know how to do this ask your webmaster, please don't ask me because I'm not technical) and when people click on this page it'll automatically redirect them to your affiliate link with us! It's very cool!

So anyone that clicks on www.yoursite.com/letters/ will be redirected to:

Here's the code to make this happen:
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=https://undergroundx.infusionsoft.com/go/isl/AFF_ID/">

So now you can use the shorter and 'cleaner' www.yoursite.com/letters/ URL in your promotions! This one little trick helps you get more clicks because it doesn't look like an obvious affiliate link.

I really appreciate you joining our affiliate program and I wish you great success.

All the best,

P.S. If you need help — go to: www.SurefireMarketing.com/support/